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Company to rely on for Cold Box, PTFE Products, Liquid Transfer Pump, High Pressure Plunger Pump, Portable Liquid Container and avail Repairing Services...

About Us

Started as a small business entity with limited resources in the year 1995, our company, Cryogenic Pump and Service has transformed itself from a small corporation into a giant business activity by working diligently hard in this competitive business field. In the domain of Reciprocating Pump, we wanted to be the best in manufacturing since inception and today we believe that we have managed to become the best as for purchasing such pumps customers repeatedly place orders to singularly us. By evolving day by day in the process of mechanization and engineering, our company has become a trusted manufacturer of Liquid Transfer Pump, High Pressure Plunger Pump, Portable Liquid Container, Non Return Valve, Safety Valve, Check Valve, Cold Box, Drive End, Cross Head, Teflon Products (Gland Packing, Piston Range) & many others, and use latest production methods to make exceptional quality and functionality of offerings. Use of modern technology, like shift towards computers from the use of equipment and tools, our company is able to utilize resources optimally. At factory, experts sort rough materials to semi-finished goods and assembly shop located at Kolkata refines impurities and polishes range effectively. Our company provides post sales support to clients in the form of Portable Liquid Container Repairing, On-site Repairing, Amc Services, Emergency Breakdown Calls, etc. All our products are suitable for Liquid, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, Cryogenic Liquid Plant.

List Of Products

  • CD Pump Series (HP For Cylinder Filling)
  • Delta Type 41.3 HP and 20/22
  • A-LDPD 19/20, 80/50
  • A-LDPD 40/50 HP Pump
  • Cryochem P -1600/P-1700
  • Cryomec 15/20 (KP-320)
  • RPS-35 and 40 (CO2 Pump)
  • BOC-300 Plunger Pump (104)
  • LPRP 30
  • HDPD 41.3 

Servicing and Repairing

At our workplace not just quality-products are supplied but excellent post sales services are also provided. We treat customers as our closest partners; to provide them satisfaction in the form of good product and service in exchange of reasonable price, our company as a service provider diligently works hard. Repairing of Cold Box, Portable Liquid Container, Drive End Repairing, are some of the services which we provide. The crucial part of a Liquid Pump is Cold Box whose repairing we do with excellence. Major reason behind failure of this sensitive part is not one but many such as vacuum default, thread impairment of suction jacket, loss of outer body's brightness and maximum clearance between push rod and cylinder. We use finest equipment for repairing purposes.

Our company also renders exchange program policy for lessening business loss and saving time. As per the policy of this program, we provide customers substitution unit in exchange of broken unit. This not just saves from hampering customers' industrial processes but also gives us enough time to perfectly repair the equipment so that it does not break down.

For repairing purpose, we empty liquid container that has Vacuum Range - 0.001mmhg (Max) and transport liquid gas. Our company has by its side support of dexterous engineers who are well-acquainted with working of Cryogenic Systems, which aids them in repairing equipment better. Our business entity uses steel plant, cylinder filling plant and industrial gases plant.

In Annual Maintenance Contract, we provide following assistance:

  • We attend Breakdown calls.
  • We offer AMC Service of all Creations with or without materials.
  • We offer On-site services

Our company offer products and services at reasonable rates. We keep ourselves well-stocked with all types of changeable spare parts and offerings so as to serve urgent requirements of customers. The materials used are warranted for the period of 4 months (Max) from the exact date of delivery to the site. We provide replacement for defected offerings within one month or within the warranty period.